CIS Inductive Identification Systems


EUCHNER Inductive Identification Systems permit contact-free identification of pallets,work pieces and parts in a dynamic manufacturing environment.In the simplest form,a CIS System consists of an inductive read or read write head and a data carrier.The heads can interface to a PLC or PC.


  • CIS systems can be configured to meet your data transfer requirements
  • Unlimited read cycles with write cycles up to 100 million
  • Large storage capacity
  • Interfaces to PLC's and PC's
  • Large variety of carriers with EEPROM and FRAM storage technology
  • Inductive transfer of data not affected by RF signals
  • Battery free data carriers
    • No maintenance


  • Read/write head with serial RS232 and RS422 communications
  • Easy integration with any field bus system
  • Various carriers and heads available to meet project requirements
  • Carriers are chemical resistant
  • Data retention up to 20 years
  • Miniature system available for small articles
  • Dynamic reading and writing of data carriers


  • Inductive read/write data carriers
  • Up to 40mm read distance
  • Up to 20mm write distance
  • Read/write heads environmental protection up to IP 67- oil and dust tight,and water resistant
  • Data carriers environmental protection IP 67- oil and dust tight,and water resistant
  • Storage capacity as large as 32kByte
  • Dynamic reading of up to 90m/min

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