CMS-R Coded Magnet Switches


EUCHNER CMS safety switches are magnetic (non-contact) read heads that sense a coded magnetic actuator.The read heads only respond to specifically coded actuator types to pervent tampering.CMS evaluation units can be chosen depending on the number of read heads used and the overall system safety category desired.The CMS magnetic systems are particularly suitable for areas where dirt and cleaning are major factors.Actuators and read heads can be fitted behind stainless steel making them ideal for pharmaceutical and food industry applications.
Note: CMS actuators are sold separately.CMS requires the use of an external evaluation unit.


  • Coded magnetic actuator and sensor
  • Can connect up to 30 sensors in series (Safety Category 2)
  • Can connect up to 4 sensors in parallel (Safety Category 4)
  • Variety of read head and actuator sizes and styles
  • LED self diagnostics
  • Wide sensing range
  • Variations that work with safety relays available
  • Connectorized versions available


  • Achieves the highest level of safety
  • Non-contact system
    • Overcomes misalignment issues
    • Vibration resistant
  • Fault diagnostics
    • Minimizes down-time
  • Sensors operate thru stainless steel
    • Food machinery,etc
  • Long operational life
  • Operates under extreme environmental conditions e.g.污垢,moisture,ambient temperature


  • Up to 5 meter cable standard
  • Surface or thru mounting
  • Environmental protection IP67- oil and dust tight,and water resistant
  • Ambient operating temperature -20 to 60C
  • Actuates from different directions
  • 100 million switching cycles

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