CEM Read Heads


CEM Non-Contact read heads are used to monitor the position of movable machine guarding by means of Inductive Coding.These systems are designed for use in areas where a high level of tamper resistance and safety is required.These systems feature an inductive read head,external evaluation unit / safety module,and a digitally coded actuator.A CES read head and a solenoid are integrated into the CEM read head.The CEM read head is connected to the CES evaluation unit with a round M8 plug connector.The CEM actuator has a metal plate in addition to the transponder;this plate acts as an armature for the solenoid coil.


  • Safety switch with guard locking
  • Integrated transponder coding
  • Status LED's
  • High locking forces up to 1,000 N (225 lb)
  • Digitally coded sensor
  • Battery free actuator
    • No maintenance
  • High level of vibration resistance
  • High level of tamper resistance available
  • Optional adjustable adhesive force


  • Achieves the highest level of safety when used in conjunction with CES evaluation module.
    • Approved for safety category 4 according to EN 954-1
  • Highest protection against tampering
  • Non-contact system
    • Non-contact system
    • Overcomes misalignment issues
    • Vibration resistant
  • Fault diagnostics
    • Minimizes down-time
  • Operates under extreme environmental conditions e.g.污垢,moisture,ambient temperature


  • Actuator with electromagnet holding force
  • Aluminum housing
    • Fully encapsulated plastic read head and actuator
    • Galvanized steel electromagnet and plate
  • Environmental Protection IP67 - oil and dust tight,and water resistant
  • Ambient operating temperature -25 to 50°C
  • Inductive sensing
  • Switching distance (depending on configuration)
    • On-2mm minimum
    • Off-20mm maximum
  • Electromagnetic holding force
    • CEM-A-LE05K-S2 500 N (112 pounds)
    • CEM-A-LE05R-S2 500 N (112 pounds) without remanence
    • CEM-A-LH10K-S3 1000 N (225 pounds)
    • CEM-A-LH10R-S3 1000 N (225 pounds) without remanence

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